What should I bring to class?

Please bring your yoga mat, two towels (one for your mat, one to use after showering) and a water bottle. Please wear light workout clothes. You are sweating a lot throughout the class, that's why you should avoid baggy clothes and long sleeves. We also rent and sell both towels and mats.

Coconut water and other refreshing drinks will be available for purchase soon.

How much water should I consume before, during and after the class?

Please make sure that you drink enough water throughout the day. The amount of water people consume during the class is different for each individual. Electrolyte replacement is also essential, as we are not just sweating out water, we are also sweating out our body’s natural salts.

There are a variety of ways to replenish electrolyte levels and restore balance. Coconut water is becoming increasingly popular. It is high in potassium, natural, and is very refreshing after a hot class. Sports drinks, milk and also water with salt are among other options. If you prefer to eat your electrolytes, dark greens (spinach, beet leaves), apricots, avocados, bananas, beans, lentils, nuts are all good sources.

Who should be careful in the hot room?

Please make sure to inform the teacher if you are expecting, have high blood pressure, have any injuries, illnesses, have undergone recent surgery or are currently on medication.

Please let the teacher know about any prior health issues or injuries so they can modify the poses when needed!

Pregnant women — if you are an experienced Bikram yoga practitioner, you can continue with classes until the end of the first trimester. After 12 weeks of pregnancy there are certain poses, which are not allowed. Please let the teacher know if you are expecting, so they can modify the poses when needed.

What to do when you are feeling dizzy and/or nauseous?

During the first few classes it is not unusual to feel a little dizzy or lightheaded. Don't panic, it is normal as your body is still adjusting to the heat and intense sweating. If you feel that you are not ok, sit down, rest and drink some water. Learn to listen to your body and be gentle towards it. Continue with the practice if you are feeling better. Whenever possible, try not to leave the yoga room.

Congratulations! You have made it through your first class and taken a huge step towards living your best!

During the next few days...

Come as often as you can. It is best to practice at least 3—4 times during your first week. Your mind will quickly overcome the challenge of the heated room and get to know the postures better. Soon you will notice the positive effect of regular practice. You will become leaner, stronger and happier.

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