Our goal is to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere in which to practice yoga. In order to accomplish this we kindly ask everyone to follow this simple etiquette in the studio.

Before Class

  • Arrive early: Doors open 30 minutes prior to class start time. Reception will close 5 minutes before class starts to allow enough time for students to prepare and be ready before the teacher enters the yoga room.
  • Sign In: Please make sure you sign in before class. Mobile Phones: Please turn off your mobile phone before the class. Absolutely no phones inside the yoga room.
  • Personal Belongings: Please leave them in the changing rooms or in the lockers provided. Only mat, towel and water bottle is allowed in the yoga room.
  • Perfumes: As some of our students may be sensitive or allergic, please avoid wearing strong perfumes in class.

During Class

  • Know that everything you do in the room affects everyone around you.
  • Maintain Silence in Yoga Room: Enjoy and respect the SILENCE in the yoga room, both- before and after class. Walk in and out of the yoga room quietly and close the yoga room door QUIETLY when you enter and leave.
  • Mat Space: Place your mat mindfully, maintain a line with other students and make sure you see yourself in the mirror.
  • Front Row: The front row helps to lead the class so if you put your mat there we ask that you set an example for those around you.
  • Water: the best time to drink water is between sets of postures. The first official water break is approximately 25 minutes after the beginning of the class, so please hydrate properly before the class starts. No glass bottles in the yoga room. Stay in the yoga room for 90 minutes. Feel free to take a break if needed but leaving the class is disruptive to other students.

After Class

  • Stay for the final relaxation pose- Savasana for as long as you need. Never leave the class before the teacher does.
  • Sweating is a natural process in Bikram Yoga, but if you notice that you leave a huge puddle behind, please wipe it off with your towel as others may slip.
  • Relaxation Outside Yoga Room: We always have time for students. Please, chat with us if you have any questions or just feel free to hang around and cool down. Showers: Please keep the showers short and sweet, so everybody can use them!

Above all, enjoy come as often as you like and enjoy the process!!

Bikram Yoga Estonia